This is why this screen is so special..... "SILVER"

Abstract representation of Japanese Traditional Architecture


This is a two-panel screen "Silver", silver on paper, with the fine pattern of vertical lines engraved on the paper. 

The rhythm and subtle patterns could remind you of the similar expression in modern European art, such as the works of Dutch artist Jan Schoonhoven. 


To the native Japanese eyes, this instantly reminds of the traditional Japanese architecture, the rhythmical patterns of lines and the mystic darkness. The patten is unmistakably regular but irregular shades of silver created by the light.

Thus the perfect beauty is born with the injection of imperfection. - A fine example of Wabi Sabi philosophy. 


Any light on the screens interrupts the perfect patterns in our eyes and the different shades of silver. This mystic aura on the screen created by the reflection of the light is what we see in in the parts of Japanese traditional house - the wooden shutters on the window or Shoji screens. 


In the 1920s, during the Taisho modernism, the abstract graphical design was flourishing and can be also seen in the printed materials as well as in the fabrics of Kimono.


The screen "Silver" is very sensual art works and bring mystic atmosphere in the space.


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This photo of the traditional house was taken in Japan a week ago in the old town of Iwase by Yushi Uehara, Japanese architect & professor, my dear friend and former colleague/ collaborator to Japanese SALON in Amsterdam. Currently he is based in Japan working as a professor. 




Below two books are my favourite. If you like to get the feel of the Japanese traditional architecture and interior, here they are the ones.

If you like to see more of Japanese interior, this is a beautiful book about traditional architecture and interior. I highly recommend this

Katsura imperial villa! Absolutely beautiful photography. 

Peaceful and serene.

"My aim is to bring peace to our everyday life with Art of Japan,

with a touch of love and light." - Azumi