Clusters of Chrysanthemum on Silver


Six panel folding screen

attributed to Tawaraya Sotatsu & followers

H 174 x W 352 cm

late 17th century, Kyoto, Japan



A large six panel folding screen, Byobu (屏風) of Hyakka zu” (百花図), painting of hundreds of flowers, attributed to one of the greatest Japanese grandmasters, Tawaraya Sotatsu and his followers. Tawaraya Sotatsu (died 1643, Kyoto) was a pioneering artist of that time, favored and commissioned by the imperial family and known as a leading creator of Rinpa school (琳派)movement.“Inen seal”(伊年) on the left side bottom proving its authenticity.



Tawaraya Sotatsu is one of the most influential yet elusive figures in the history of

Japanese visual culture.”  Dr Arthur M Sackler (1913 -1987 NY)



The flower of autumn, Kiku (chrysatnthemum),is blossoming and prospering, marking a fine example of Rinpa school style art.

Pained with ink and Gofun胡粉, mineral pigments from shells on silver leaf on paper.

Blight flower pedals and fragile leaves on silver are creating an intriguing contrast of light and shadow and the aging process of silver is adding breathtakingly mystical beauty.


Such piece in this condition rarely comes to the market.

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