Pick of the month - Winter - Go with the flow

"Plants and Flowers"   Be in the now....


Japanese screens teaches me life philosophy.



There are two seasons, in this art.

The time goes by from right to left as the water flows.

 The autumn in the right and the winter in the left.


Far away, the mystic mountains and dream.

The river is dominant.

As the water flows from right to left, the seasons changes.



you are the water in the river in this art.

you observe how the time and the scenery changes.

you carry clouds in your mind....  maybe about the future or about the past.

But take out the clouds and look around... there are beauty.

The seasons are already changing....

Camellias in snow....

Enjoy it now as this will never the same again tomorrow....

What will I see tomorrow? "


The art of the month -  Be present. Enjoy what we see, what we have today......


- azumi



About the screen - "Plants and Flowers" 

Six-panel screen

Edo period(1603-1868), 1720 ca.

Ink, mineral and organic colours on goldleaf

H 143.0 cm x W379.0 cm


The screen presents plants and flowers typical for autumn and winter.

From the right we can observe the autumn plants such as wild chrysanthemum bushes, pampas grass (susuki), clover (hagi) and bell flower (kikyo) which grow by the stream.

The group of the winter plants covered by snow consists of bamboo trunks, camellias(tsubaki), which in Japan blossom in November and December and narcissus (suisen) considered by the Japanese as plants of late winter.

The composition, while being extremely decorative, is also highly representative of the Rimpa style of painting which tends to create images of the nature with an almost encyclopaedic attention for the detail.


The beautiful gold patina serves as background for this outstanding composition.


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"My aim is to bring peace to our everyday life with Art of Japan,

with a touch of love and light." - Azumi