Japanese art that brings inner peace


Japanese Salon offers a museum-quality collection of Japanese works of art from the 18th-century folding screens, antique porcelains to contemporary masterpieces.

All are carefully selected and collected with Japanese native expertise by Azumi Uchitani.


We organise selling exhibitions, art curation and lectures/workshops. Private viewing is also available upon request.


Our aim is to help international art lovers and collectors in every step to find the finest Japanese works of art, at discrete manners.  


Japanese Screens are our expertise.

We bring not only about the art itself, but stories behind with the native eyes and seamlessly blend it with the European architecture and design, achieving the ultimate balance of old + new, east + west.


We truly enjoy sharing and discovering its beauty.



For further information and enquiry, please email us.


"My aim is to bring peace to our everyday life with Art of Japan,

with a touch of love and light." - Azumi