Inner Peace at SALON

There are so much wisdom in traditional Japanese aesthetics and its philosophy which we can apply to our way of life.

Detox our mind, create inner peace, inner beauty.

 The best way is to feel this wisdom by experiencing using our five senses.



Upcoming Event

Tea Ceremony

Japanese traditional tea ceremony is like an elegant dance of our body, mind and soul. It is not about making tea.  We are there to cherish time, space and our companies - "the very moment of encounter".....

Calligraphy Meditation

Most of us have heard about the benefits of meditation – to reduce stress and anxiety, to boost creativity and productivity and improve health in general.  You wish to meditate but don’t have time. Maybe you’ve tried to meditate but had some troubles such as finding a quiet place, connect with your feeling and focus your mind. Azumi has formulated a unique method combining Calligraphy & Meditation to practice innner peace, for individulas and groups.

Lecture & Talks

Azumi is passionate about sharing Japanese culture, philosophy and creating inner-peace.  She has been delivering inspiring talks at public engagements, such as TEDx, leading global companies, seminars, universities and school.  She will let you uncover the myth & secretes of Japanese ancient philosophy and help you to have deeper understanding of Japanese culture of today. You will find a tool to create inner-peace every moment of the day!   Lectures & Talks can be requested via Speakers Academy.  


"My aim is to bring peace to our everyday life with Art of Japan,

with a touch of love and light." - Azumi