FOR SALE | BYOBU |  Poetry of Spring
BYOBU | 19th century Japanese six panels folding screen by a Rinpa school artist
Available for Sale ~ Japanese Cloisonne vase from Meiji period. Beautifully finished with the detailed patterns and drawing at the edge of the vase, which shows its quality and highest skilled craftsmanship.
FOR SALE | SHIN-HANGA | Japanese Prints | Life of Maiko by Hasegawa Sadanobu III
Available for Sale | SHINHANGA | Japanese Prints by Sadanobu Hasegawa III. The serene beauty of young Maiko practising and enjoying the performing arts.
Available for sale~the Art of Kimono with the symbol of eagle - strength, braveness and power. Such beautiful craftsmanship of embroidery is rarely seen these days.
FOR SALE | CHADANSU | Charming Japanese Tea Cabinet
CHADANSU - Japanese Tea Cabinet from Showa
This is why this screen is so special..... "SILVER"
A story of a two-panel Japanese folding screen from Taisho period- the abstract representation of Japanese traditional architecture
5 aspects to enjoy "Byobu" the Japanese antique folding screens
A native Japanese expert's guide on Japanese folding screen, Byobu. 5 aspects to check with you are buying a Byobu.
BYOBU | The Tale of the Heike - the battles that changed the history of Japan
"Samurai in Art". A masterpiece from the 17th-century Japanese folding screens, Byobu with the battle scenes from the Tale of the Heike, the legendary battle that gave birth to the Samurai culture and 600 years of Shogunate.
Sunday Open House March 2020. Japanese Salo goes virtual!
OPEN HOUSE - Japanese Art & Inner peace in Bussum

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"My aim is to bring peace to our everyday life with Art of Japan,

with a touch of love and light." - Azumi