"Fountain of Gold" by Toko Shinoda,  2016   (Photo curtesy to Tolman Gallery)
"Fountain of Gold" by Toko Shinoda, 2016 (Photo curtesy to Tolman Gallery)


Japanese SALON is representing a rare collection of 10 original works of Toko Shinoda. All are available for sale. 


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Toko Shinoda 

(篠田 桃紅 Shinoda Tōkō, born March 28, 1913) 


107 years old Japanese calligraphy artist, with the mastery of calligraphy transcended with the refined abstract form.  of  Shinoda started practicing calligraphy from the age of six and mastered the traditional form of calligraphy. She further developed her calligraphy onto abstract paintings in sumi in her 30’s.   She visited the US from 1956 – 1958 where she was deeply inspired by the abstract form, such as the works by Jackson Pollock. She was warmly welcomed in the New York art scene and exhibited her works during her stay. There she made her name among the abstract expressionist movement.

Since her return to Japan, she has been pursuing her own style , without belonging to any of the groups.



Shinoda’s paintings are striking abstract compositions that are characterized by bold and powerful brush strokes, often combined with elegant calligraphic additions. Shinoda primarily works with sumi ink and cinnabar on gold or silver ground on Japanese paper. Her lithographs demonstrate her mastery of the medium and are unique in that each print receives a few individually added finishing brush strokes.

Although deeply rooted in Japanese traditions, Shinoda’s works retain a timeless and universal appeal as they speak the international language of human artistic expression.

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"My aim is to bring peace to our everyday life with Art of Japan,

with a touch of love and light." - Azumi